Whitstable Medical Practice

Whitstable: 01227 284320 Chestfield: 01227 795130 Estuary View: 01227 284300

Practice Management

Organisational Structure

Please click the link below to view a diagram showing the organisational structure of Whitstable Medical Practice.

Organisational Chart

Mr Adrian Young (m)
Our Practice Manager, Mr Adrian Young, looks after the day to day management of the Practice. He will be pleased to discuss any non medical problems, deal with enquiries and receive suggestions for improving the services offered by the Practice. Adrian is based at Estuary View Medical Centre.



Our receptionists are here to help you. They have a difficult job dealing with telephone calls and enquiries from every direction, so PLEASE BE A PATIENT PATIENT! When telephoning for an appointment, advice or a home visit the receptionist may ask you for a few details. They have been trained to make these enquiries on our behalf so we may help you in the most appropriate and efficient way.

Prescribing Clerks

We have trained staff who are responsible for the computerised repeat prescriptions, led by our prescribing supervisor who ensures that the service runs as smoothly as possible. They check that prescriptions have the doctor’s authorisation, are issued at the right time and may issue reminders about routine medication reviews.

Personal Secretaries

Each doctor has a secretary in the Practice who will help you with queries regarding hospital appointments and transport only. (Surgery appointments and advice calls are made by the receptionist).