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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

If your GP or Nurse has asked for you to record your blood pressure at home please do not worry, as this is a very standard practice and used on a wide range of patients.

Researchers have long suspected the existence of “white coat” hypertension – an issue whereby patients get a spike in blood pressure when having it taken by a doctor, which is not an accurate reflection when outside of the consulting room. For certain patients this can mean that one-off testing within a GP or Nurse appointments produces less reliable results, therefore, monitoring blood pressure at home is thought to be more useful, as it produces an average score of blood pressure throughout the day and evening.

If you have been requested to carry out Home Blood Pressure Monitoring, please download the form below and start recording the results.

Once you have recorded the results over the time period set by the clinician at your recent appointment, please email the spreadsheet to: [email protected]. Alternatively, you can print the results, including the graph, and give it to a receptionist at any of our sites and they will ensure it gets to your registered GP for assessment.

Please do not complete this form unless a clinician has requested you to do so. Click the link below to download the form.