Cataract Surgery

Whitstable Medical Practice offers a consultant-led Cataract Surgery Service which is accessible to any patient registered within East Kent.

Referrals into the service can be made via your optician or your GP. Once referred, you will be contacted by our local referral management centre and be given the option to have your surgery carried out at Estuary View.

Image of Catatact Surgery


What is a Cataract?

The eye can be compared to a camera. It contains a lens, which helps to focus images on to the back of the eye, in much the same way as a camera lens focuses pictures. A cataract is a clouding of this lens. Usually a cataract occurs as part of the natural ageing process of the body. In younger people it may occur as a result of injury, a general health condition such as diabetes, long standing eye inflammation, or from certain drug therapies. A cataract is treated by surgically removing the natural lens using ultrasound and replacing it with an artificial plastic lens. The new plastic lens remains in your eye permanently and does not need to be replaced.


The Surgery

The operation only requires a small incision in your eye, which does not usually require stitches. If stitches are used they are dissolvable which means they do not need to be removed. After the operation you will need to use eye drops for 4 weeks. Following this you will see your optician to check you for new glasses. The anaesthetic that we use for cataract surgery is local anaesthetic. This means that you stay awake throughout your operation. Administering the anaesthetic usually just involves instilling eye drops to numb your eye however occasionally a special injection around the eye is used.

By removing the cloudy lens (cataract) from your eye, and inserting a new lens implant, the aim is to improve your vision. After surgery your vision should seem clearer, brighter and more colourful.


Contacting us

If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, or if you have any queries following an appointment, please contact our Clinical Services Patient Coordinators on 01227 284314 or 01227 284315 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm).

Whilst you are under the care of the Cataract clinic, please ensure that you inform us of any change to your address or telephone number.


Clinic Location

Estuary View Medical Centre
Boorman Way