Whitstable Medical Practice offers a Gynaecology Clinic which is accessible to any patient registered with Whitstable Medical Practice aged 18+.

Upon receipt of a referral from your GP, you will be sent an appointment with our team of Consultant Gynaecologists.

Female oriented consultation


The Appointment

During your first appointment with the Consultant Gynaecologist, you will have a full history of your present complaint taken. You may be asked questions about your general health. If you need a procedure this may be carried out at one of the local hospitals or at The Chaucer in Canterbury. Please wear comfortable clothing and arrive 5-10 minutes before your examination appointment. There are no other necessary preparations.

A detailed report of your gynaecology examination will be forwarded to your GP within days of having the examination. The Consultant Gynaecologist will discuss with you and advise your GP as to any future and further treatment, if necessary.

Possible outcomes following the initial appointment are a requirement to return for a follow-up appointment, discharged back to your GP, or referred onto secondary care.



If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, or if you have any queries following an appointment, please contact our Clinical Services Patient Coordinators on 01227 284314 or 01227 284315 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm).

Whilst you are under the care of the Gynaecology Clinic, please ensure that you inform us of any change to your address or telephone number.


Clinic Location

Estuary View Medical Centre
Boorman Way