Lifestyle Medicine for Persistent Pain

The course has been designed to provide our patients suffering with persistent pain with a practical and evidence based strategy to reduce and manage their pain.

The course explores:

  • The basics of lifestyle medicine and pain science, taking a look at how outdated science can have a profoundly negative impact on our pain system.
  • How being highly stressed for long periods impacts pain, along with practical stress management strategies.
  • How better nutrition and increasing activity levels can decrease inflammation, helping reduce pain.
  • How improving sleep can have a positive impact on pain, along with how mindfulness and other strategies can help.

The course is run by our specialised physiotherapy team and consists of 4 face to face group sessions delivered weekly.

After each week you will receive a session summary, recapping the key learning points as well as providing you with resources and links to follow and learn more.

Following the group sessions you will receive 3 'check in' calls over the following few months from our physio team, helping guide you to implement what you learnt.

The group sessions will be mainly educational, however, some of the later sessions will include practical elements.

We sincerely hope that with the right information, along with subtle changes based on up-to-date science, you can find a way to take control of your pain, helping you to live a healthy and fulfilled life, without pain getting in the way.

How to attend the group clinic?

This group clinic is only available to patients registered with Whitstable Medical Practice.



"If you're in pain don’t miss this local course. It really helped me with practical ideas to ease my pain. The course was informative with a light touch. Lots of useful resources too."


"Conor was able to present the course based on a huge amount of research, condensed down into 4 sessions. Well explained information, practical suggestions, good handouts. Conor was empathetic to all the different needs and able to field all questions."


"I suggest anyone living with long term pain to ask to go on this course as it will change your thinking and if you follow the instructions it WILL help turn things around!"


"I really enjoyed the Lifestyle medicine for persistent pain group run by Conor. Not only were the sessions interesting, I found them very informative too. All the information that was discussed in the sessions was sent to me so I could re-read it and there were links attached with a lot of useful information."