COVID-19 UPDATE: 23rd June 2021


Do not go to a GP surgery, community pharmacy or hospital in person. Call 111, stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people.


Now that restrictions are easing we are providing an update on some of the changes we are making across our 3 sites.

  1. Screening processes at Whitstable Medical Practice
  2. GP Appointment Changes
  3. Telephone System changes

It has been a very challenging 12+ months for the practice and we have sincerely appreciated your patience during this time. We have been far from quiet during this period and have continued to do everything we can to provide the very best care to patients despite the difficult circumstances.


In the last 12 months …..

  • We have booked over 600,000 appointments
  • We have delivered over 200,000 GP appointments
  • We have delivered over 70,000 Nurse appointments
  • We have received over 14,000 online consultations
  • We have issued over 220,000 prescriptions
  • We have received and processed over 160,000 letters
  • We have received and responded to over 25,000 emails
  • We have made over 17,000 referrals
  • We have provided over 40,000 covid vaccinations

Change taking place from 28th June 2021

We wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of some changes that will be taking place from Monday 28th June.

Social Distancing

As the world begins to open up and in line with the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown, we plan to remove all front door screening services from our three sites. While you will no longer be temperature tested on arrival and questioned specifically regarding covid we are still expecting all (non-medically exempt) patients to wear a face mask at all times while inside our buildings. With the limited space available to us for social distancing we will still have to strictly control the numbers of patients within our buildings. We would ask that patients attend the surgery alone and are not accompanied unless absolutely necessary. We would also insist that any unnecessary trips to the surgery are avoided. Please do not attend in person to book appointments or request something that could be done over the telephone or digitally.

Face to Face Appointments

We totally understand that many patients are missing more face to face contact with the surgery and will be revising our appointment system to incorporate at least 30% more face to face appointments. This will be continually reviewed and further increased as the pandemic allows. Please be assured that if you need to be seen face to face we will see you in this capacity! We will however be retaining a ‘telephone first’ system for the foreseeable future to avoid unnecessary attendances to the surgery and to make life safer for all patients and staff


Telephone System

We will be centralising our telephone system so that there is one number for all patients to call. Regardless of which of our sites you are trying to contact or what service you need, 01227 284300 will be the number to call. This has been done to avoid confusion for patients and improve call wait times. You MUST carefully select the surgery you wish to speak to. 

Published: Jun 23, 2021