Covid-19 Vaccination Update: 15th June 2021

Over 28,000 Whitstable Medical Practice patients have received at least their first dose of covid vaccination. Nearly 23,000 patients have now completed the vaccination course.

We are now inviting all patients aged 18 and over to contact us to book for vaccination. Please contact your usual reception to book an appointment for this Saturday 19th June.

Details of priority groupings and current progress are below for your information

Priority Group Risk Group Progress
1 Residents and staff in care homes Completed
2 Aged 80 and over, Frontline Health and Social Care Workers Completed
3 Aged 75 and over Completed
4 Patients aged 70 and over, Clinically Extremely Vulnerable patients aged 16+ Completed
5 Aged 65 and over Completed
6 Aged 16-65 years old in a risk group Completed
7 Aged 60 and over Completed
8 Aged 55 and over  Completed
9 Aged 50 and over Completed
10 Aged 40 and over Completed
11 Aged 30 and over


Please contact reception if you require an appointment

12 Aged 18 and over Now Open - Contact reception to book an appointment

Published: Jun 15, 2021