Virtual Fracture Clinic

We have introduced a new process for the treatment of stable fractures.

The “Virtual Fracture Clinic” allows our practitioners to get the opinion and recommendations of our orthopaedic consultant remotely, using a secure NHS internet connection. This means that our patients will have their fracture checked by the doctor much more quickly than they would do in a traditional fracture clinic.

For many patients all that is needed is a telephone call to discuss the consultants recommendations, this is then confirmed in a letter to the patient’s own GP and the patient. If the consultant needs to see the patient in clinic an appointment is booked.

virtual fracture clinic

This process avoids patients coming back to the clinic when it is not really needed. As a consequence of this the patients who really need to see the consultant can have an appointment much sooner.


Advice for Patients

It is now widely accepted that some fractures that would traditionally be treated with a plaster cast can be treated with supportive strapping or a splint. These are much more convenient and avoid the complications that plaster casts can cause, such as joint stiffness in hand fractures and deep vein thrombosis in lower limb fractures.

Below are advice sheets and links to videos that give advice on the types of fracture that we would normally treat with a removable splint or other support:

Advice Sheets

Virtual Fracture Clinic Advice Sheet

Clavicle Fracture

Lower Limb Injury

Mallet Finger



Radial Head Neck Fractures


Torus Fracture



Ankle fracture (“Weber A” type)

Avulsion fracture of the ankle

Radial head fracture (elbow)

Mid-shaft clavicle fracture (collar cone)

Midshaft 5th metatarsal fracture (foot)

Base 5th metatarsal fracture (foot)

Toe fracture or dislocation


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the treatment of your fracture please phone 01227 284309