Failed Encounter Policy

When you request a telephone consultation with a GP or other clinician it is important that you are available to receive that call. You will be advised whether the GP or clinician will be ringing you in the morning or afternoon. We are unable to give a specific time slot as the GP/clinician workload for the day cannot be predicted and medical emergencies need to be prioritised. In order to treat all patients fairly it is important we follow this policy strictly. The only exception is upon GP/clinician request when there is a medical concern.

Our GP or clinician will try to call you, on your preferred number, a minimum of 2 times, leaving at least 15 minutes between each call. If they do not get through you will receive the following text message:

“We’ve tried calling at least 2 times but not been able to reach you. If you still need to speak to a clinician please contact reception who can book you a further call, but unless urgent this will be booked on another day. You can also contact the practice with an online consultation via the practice website. In the event of a medical emergency call 999.”

Unfortunately if you do not have a mobile phone we will not be able to send this message and will need to wait for you to make further contact with the practice.

If urgent, reception will arrange a further call the same day but routine matters will be booked in on another day.

For patients with internet access, we have an on-line consultation service, which may be more convenient for you. This can be accessed via our practice website or via the following link:


Please ensure you are available for a call back once requested by keeping your phone with you at all times. If you have a medical emergency please call 999.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Policy to be reviewed by Patient Safety and Quality Manager February 2022