Young Patients

young patients

Whitstable Medical Practice is a young person friendly Practice. We offer support and services for all young people. Please ask a Patient Coordinator for a leaflet or click on the links below to find out more.

We welcome all young people to our Practice and our mission is to help you stay physically and emotionally healthy.

Moving away to University but wishing to remain registered at Whitstable Medical Practice? … This is now possible as we are able to accept ‘out of area’ registrations providing certain criteria is met. You will still be able to be seen by a GP practice near your university should the need arise! Visit the NHS Website for more information or contact a Patient Coordinator.

Here to listen Not to tell

  • We provide a confidential service for everyone including young people under the age of 16. This means you can tell others about your visit but we won’t
  • But! If we think you or someone else might be in serious danger of harm we would have to tell someone but we would try to let you know first
  • If you have any worries about confidentiality please ask a member of staff.

Sexual Health



Sex and Young People



Online Mental Health Resources

  • Young Minds is a great resource offering support, signposting, guidance and advice.
  • Kooth offers free, safe and anonymous on-line support and counselling for young people.
  • For digital CBT, there are a number of courses and resources available (although there is often a fee) specifically designed for young people such as Living Life to the Full-YP , Mood Gym young minds (charge applicable).
  • The NHS apps page has a great section on mental health self-help apps, such as the brilliant Calm Harm which helps young people to manage the urge to self harm.
  • Other local resources such as Headstart Kent which is part of Kent County Council’s early help service and has lots of resources online including mindfulness tips and other local resources
  • Wysa is an interactive online chat tool using AI bot “wysa” and is seen as a fun way to build resilience, practice CBT and use mindfulness techniques. Some young people find this very helpful so take a look.

More Information for Young Patients

Please click on the links below for information  on the following subjects:


Useful Websites for Young Patients

  • Talk To Frank is a website that offers friendly and confidential drugs advice. It can help you find out everything you might want to know about drugs.
  • Alcohol and Young People is part of ‘For Young People’, a website designed especially for young people in Kent.
  • Teen Girls’ Health and Teen Boys’ Health are pages on the NHS Choices website. They have lots of useful information and advice for teenagers on a wide range of topics.
  • FPA, The Sexual Health Charity is an organisation that offers help advice and information about sexual health and wellbeing.

Have Your Say

We would love to hear what young patients think of our services. If you have any comments on our website or services for young people, or ways that we could improve, why not join our Patient User Group?

The group is a great way to have your say on Whitstable Medical Practice. You can become a virtual member and take part in discussions using email or you can attend group meetings.